Dog Aggression and Nervousness Course

How to make your dog feel safe and listen to you

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Does your dog display any nervous or aggressive behaviour inside or outside the home?

  • Such as constant barking at the door,
  • Fearful or aggressive behaviour around visitors,
  • Refusing to leave the home
  • Aggression to dogs
  • Chasing joggers
  • Fear of traffic or loud noises
  • Barking in the car
  • Or anything else?

If so, please do not worry there is a solution to addressing any issues you are experiencing with your dog, to ensure they’re happy and well behaved.

My online course reveals a kind, effective way to address ALL nervous and aggressive behaviours through:

Step by step case studies - to demonstrate how to break the issues down in small manageable chunks

  • Animation - to make the information fun and digestible
  • Questions - to ensure you are learning each step of the way
  • Language revealing tools - so you can identify how dogs communicate

And the option to ask me any questions to guide you on your journey.

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Here’s How This Course Will Help You And Your Dog:

With this course you’ll understand the route cause of your dog’s undesirable behaviour.

Then you will gain a deep insight into canine body language techniques that you can adopt to both calm your dog, and communicate to them clearly that you will protect them.

Next you will discover a profound method to boost your dog’s confidence in their environment via a clear gradual introduction process that works every time.

This vital information will create a relationship with your dog based on trust and understanding.

In turn they will look to you for guidance and follow your lead.

Consequently the undesirable behaviour will disappear:

  • You will both live the happy life together that you truly deserve.
  • You can go on walks without worries, frustrations or embarrassments.
  • You are able to keep calm and help your dog the next time something happens.
  • You can invite friends and family over at ease without being worried.

Imagine a sense of calm and optimism, knowing that you possess the mental tools to address your dog's behaviour.

  • Rather than giving up, you took proactive steps and devised a plan.
  • You were solely responsible for transforming yours and your dog's life for the better.

Enroll now below to embark on a transformative journey that will positively impact both yours and your dog’s life.

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Your Instructor

Nigel Reed
Nigel Reed

I am dog behaviourist and author with fifteen years experience addressing all types of problematic behaviour. My book The Dog Guardian has sold over 21 000 copies and I have over 2000 clients in the U.K and Europe. I am regular on radio and television helping owners address their dog’s behaviour.

I have a goal to help 100 000 dogs in my lifetime, so years ago I began filming videos demonstrating how to address problem behaviour and uploaded a few to YouTube. The videos have gained millions of views and the feedback has been very encouraging. So much so it led me to create an online course that goes into much greater detail on how to address problem behaviour, coupled with a personal service of one to one help, to ensure I can help each client address the toughest of cases.
Helping guardians perfect their relationship with their dog is my passion. I love my job and I’m committed to helping as many people and dogs as I possibly can.

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