Canine Behaviour Seminar with video call

Lessons and language in leadership

The canine behaviour seminar consists of a two hour talk explaining The Dog Guardian’s principles for a happy and well behaved dog. They are

  • Your dog’s needs – what they are and how to fulfil them,
  • Your dog’s language – how to communicate to your dog in a language it understands,
  • Your dog’s state – why your dog’s state rises and what to do about it,
  • Your leadership – how to be a calm, convincing, consistent leader your dog trusts.

The talk includes videos demonstrating the method in action with:

  • Fussy eaters with extra tips on how to deal with issues around food
  • Dogs that bark at the door/ lunge at other dogs with extra tips on how to communicate your leadership around perceived dangers in the home
  • Dogs that invade space with extra tips on how to communicate your status
  • Dog’s that pull on the lead with extra tips on how to teach your dog to walk to heel

Course Curriculum

  Canine Behaviour Seminar
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Your Instructor

Nigel Reed
Nigel Reed

I am dog behaviourist and author with fifteen years experience addressing all types of problematic behaviour. My book The Dog Guardian has sold over 21 000 copies and I have over 2000 clients in the U.K and Europe. I am regular on radio and television helping owners address their dog’s behaviour.

I have a goal to help 100 000 dogs in my lifetime, so years ago I began filming videos demonstrating how to address problem behaviour and uploaded a few to YouTube. The videos have gained millions of views and the feedback has been very encouraging. So much so it led me to create an online course that goes into much greater detail on how to address problem behaviour, coupled with a personal service of one to one help, to ensure I can help each client address the toughest of cases.
Helping guardians perfect their relationship with their dog is my passion. I love my job and I’m committed to helping as many people and dogs as I possibly can.

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